Our Heart of Experian Social Responsibility programme harnesses our unique capabilities to enable communities to realise their social and economic potential.

A year of transformation

We have further developed our overall approach to corporate responsibility, building on the successful launch of our Heart of Experian Social Responsibility programme to leverage the greatest sustainable impact from what our business does best.

Through our Social Responsibility programme, we are engaging our business under a global unifying theme that excites Experian’s leaders from every region and encourages our people to contribute. We sought themes that would build on our CR achievements to date and allow us to use our unique capabilities and assets, to promote inclusive and economically vibrant communities.

To achieve its objective of empowering communities, both socially and economically, the Heart of Experian Social Responsibility programme is focused on:

  • Fostering financial inclusion:
    Enabling the most vulnerable people in society to access financial services.
  • Promoting financial education:
    Providing the disadvantaged with the financial knowledge to prosper.
  • Supporting small business entrepreneurs:
    Helping micro and small businesses to grow and thrive.

By establishing these values across Experian, we have now taken another significant step to evolve our approach to CR, so that it resonates even more strongly with our business, our people and the communities around us.

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Recognising our differentiators and fundamental responsibilities

We make the strongest contribution to society by creating great products and services, helping consumers and businesses to make informed and responsible decisions and leveraging our market insights and community partnerships. These activities are unique to us. By aligning commercial and social goals in this way, we can generate mutual benefits for Experian and our communities. We call these elements ‘Our Differentiators’ and each is discussed in more detail on the following pages: 'Using innovation to generate social and commercial value', 'Helping consumers to make informed and responsible decisions' and 'Working in partnership with communities'.

Our other CR issues are not as distinctive but they are equally important, providing the foundation of a responsible and thriving business. Managing data safely and securely is absolutely critical to our business and underpins everything we do. We must look after our people well and offer them a stimulating environment, which encourages talent and innovation. And we must operate efficiently and reduce our environmental impact. These elements are integral to our CR programme and their management is embedded in our core business functions. More information on ‘Our Fundamentals’.

Extending our reach through partnerships

During the last year, we have further developed valuable partnerships with organisations that provide us with new insights, local knowledge or access to communities that we may find difficult to achieve on our own. This has enabled us to extend our community reach more effectively. In return, our partners can leverage our scale and access our talented people, expertise, products and services. Our partners include governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), charitable groups and our clients. Examples of our partnerships can be found throughout this report, and in particular in our Engaging stakeholders section.


Fostering financial inclusion through Prove ID, India
Fostering financial inclusion
through Prove ID, India
'Clean my name' debt recovery portal, Brazil
'Limpe Nome' debt
recovery portal, Brazil
Manage Your Future Now, Turkey
Manage Your Future
Now, Turkey
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