Experian in society


Enabling the social and
economic empowerment of
communities and economies.

Experian’s business is at the heart of society

Experian’s biggest impact comes from the heart of our business – technology, data, insight and people. These enable us to make a big contribution to society through creating economic value, empowering communities and supporting growth.

We are a key part of many consumer economies and our reach is global. We employ more than 16,000 people and operate in 39 countries. A Group of our size generates huge economic value, which we share with our stakeholders as we create jobs, buy goods and services from suppliers, invest in communities and reward investors with dividends.

We draw on our core skills and distinctive capabilities to help create successful businesses, empower consumers, improve public services and – by working with the right partners – enable communities to develop their social and economic potential, which particularly benefits the most vulnerable people in society and in emerging markets.

Helping communities to achieve their economic potential…

Our insights help people to manage their credit profiles and protect themselves against identity theft. We work with businesses of all sizes to help them use data more effectively and to market the right products to the right people. We help governments to improve the efficiency of public services, through better decision-making and targeting resources where they are needed most.

As a result, we empower individuals and organisations, enabling them to make better, more confident decisions. Increased confidence encourages consumers to spend and businesses to invest. This creates a virtuous circle of growth, helping local communities and markets to develop, while expanding our potential market and customer base.

…and their social potential

The use of consumer data, financial decision-making and access to credit have important human consequences. Over-indebtedness remains a pitfall for many, while others are unable to access basic financial products or state entitlements. Small businesses – which are a vital engine for economic growth – can struggle for finance. These and similar topics are certainly pressing social issues, but they are also opportunities for Experian. In this report, you will find examples of the products and services we are developing in response, through our social innovation programme.

An inclusive growth model

By 2030, the number of global consumers is expected to more than double to five billion, compared to just over two billion today. This will increase the quantity of data that organisations produce, as well as their need for accurate insights to understand consumer behaviour. This, in turn, creates huge opportunities for Experian. Our data and analytical tools are already improving the quality and speed of responsible decision-making in many emerging economies, and our ambition is for our people, data and technology to become a necessary part of every major consumer economy in the world.

We believe the social and economic health of the communities we serve and our business growth are inextricably linked. This means corporate responsibility is integral to protecting our licence to operate and to supporting our commercial strategy framework, which is to:

  • focus on data and analytics;
  • drive profitable growth; and
  • optimise capital efficiency.

We are committed to a sustainable, inclusive model of growth, which creates both social and commercial benefits by helping growing communities realise their social and economic potential, while creating business opportunities for us.


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