Managing Corporate Responsibility


Experian has a robust and transparent approach to meeting its corporate responsibilities, with clear management accountability across the business.

Robust and inclusive governance

The Director of Corporate Communications and CR oversees our activities, reporting to the Group Company Secretary. A CR Steering Group, which comprises senior leaders from Experian’s five regions, develops and improves our CR programme and reviews our performance. The CR Steering Group focuses on three areas:

  • improving the connection between employees and leaders and focusing on social context in each region;
  • improving Experian’s measurement and reporting of its social and environmental impacts; and
  • determining how we can better identify and respond to social needs, through product innovation.

The CR Steering Group is supported by the Global Head of Corporate Responsibility, a small corporate team and a network of regional CR co-ordinators and CR management champions. This global network is one of our key mechanisms for embedding CR across our operations.

Having local teams helps us to develop CR initiatives that are flexible and sensitive to local priorities and culture. Our local operations decide how to invest their resources, depending on their issues and challenges, while being consistent with Experian’s overarching objectives.

The CR management champions have a formal role in providing data and information to the Global Head of Corporate Responsibility, to enable regular performance reporting to the CR Steering Group.

The co-ordinators share information across our five regions and co-ordinate local activities, ensuring these are consistent with Experian’s corporate responsibilities. They also gather data and report information from their region.

We continue to embed social, ethical and environmental considerations into our standard processes, including the central risk assessments associated with any business development. This ensures our broader corporate governance processes incorporate any significant risks.

The Chief Executive Officer reports on progress against the CR strategy to the Experian plc Board at each of its meetings, and the Director of Corporate Communications and CR reports in person to the Board at least once a year.

Performance management and data

We review our CR performance regularly and receive formal regional updates twice a year. Information against more than 60 performance indicators is collected using an online system, in line with detailed reporting criteria published at

We value highly the quality and accuracy of this data. Over recent years, we have invested significantly to ensure its robustness, including regular reviews by our management accounting team, internal audit function and external independent assurance.

This management information forms the basis of consistent reports which Experian’s regional senior leaders review every three months. A summary of this data can be found on the 'Facts and figures' page.


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