Working in partnership with communities


Investing in our local communities helps us to build strong relationships and gives us a better understanding of their needs.

Investing in our communities

Experian runs a large, global and regional community programme. Through our community activities we invest cash, knowledge, employee time and our products and services, to enable people and communities to flourish and to help sustain a business environment in which we can be successful.

Our community engagement aims to improve our understanding of and relationships with the communities we work in. In 2013, we reinvigorated our regional commitment, with extra funding, better communication and more time for our employees to engage. Regional projects also have a local flavour, embracing volunteering and neighbourhood charities relevant to our employees. This is an important part of Experian’s culture, encouraging teamwork and supporting our employees’ personal and professional development. We often deliver these programmes in partnership with local NGOs or community organisations.

During the latest year, Experian contributed US$6.9 million to community activity, an increase of 31%, of which US$1.5 million went directly to our regional community programmes.

Excluding our social innovation investments (see the 'Using innovation to generate social and commercial value' page) we spent 42% promoting financial education, 37% fostering financial and social inclusion, and 21% supporting small business entrepreneurs.

Community investment

Funds from Experian plc 2,299 1,217
Financial donations and investments from
Experian subsidiaries
2,347 2,676
Employee time volunteered 1,056 656
Gifts in kind 604 323
Management costs 605 416
Total from Experian 6,911 5,288
As % of Benchmark PBT 0.56% 0.44%
Employee fundraising 1,270 785
Total value of all giving 8,181 6,073
As % of Benchmark PBT 0.66% 0.51%

Figures assured by PwC. See the Independent Limited Assurance Report of Experian plc page

Raising financial awareness among young people

Financial education often starts with young people. We support many programmes in schools in Europe, Africa, India, North America, Latin America and the UK and Ireland.

The Personal Finance Education Group (PFEG) is the UK’s leading financial education charity, helping schools to plan and teach financial capability. In the second year of our partnership with PFEG, we have embarked on a three-year programme to transform 21 primary schools, in some of the UK’s most disadvantaged areas, into Centres of Excellence in financial education. The schools were chosen using Experian’s Mosaic database, pinpointing areas based on criteria such as household income and levels of debt. The programme aims to create a culture in these schools that embraces financial education, embedding it in their curriculums and enabling them to share this knowledge with other local schools. Now into our second year, we have trained 51 employee volunteers, matching them to schools and providing training materials. Four schools have been awarded Centre of Excellence status, with more coming through the pipeline in 2014.

In North America, we partner with Jumpstart, a national resource for teachers of personal-finance classes in schools. In 2013, we sponsored the annual National Educators Conference, in which more than 280 teachers from 47 states participated. The conference gave attendees resources, tools and knowledge they could immediately apply in their classrooms, to reach thousands of students in hundreds of school districts. In 2014, we will continue our educational focus by partnering with the National Consumers League’s LifeSmarts programme. We will support a new media initiative to expand participation in schools and youth organisations, with the aim of reaching 300,000 young people.

Employee volunteering

During the latest year, Experian employees in every region volunteered 24,411 hours in working time to community initiatives that supported our Heart of Experian Social Responsibility programme, representing an investment of more than US$1 million for the Group and a 61% increase on the previous year.

The Heart of the Holidays volunteering initiative across our Asia Pacific region is an example of our work to promote social inclusion. Between November 2013 and January 2014, we invited volunteers in 11 countries to take part during their country’s holiday period, supporting the work of a local charity of their choice. In total, 653 employees supported 30 charities by volunteering 2,400 hours, more than double last year’s total.

In India, our volunteering programme ‘Each one – Teach One’, provided one-toone coaching and support to 60 students who were underperforming academically and needed extra support. Over the past three months, our employees helped the students prepare for their exams, logging more than 700 hours of volunteering in the process.

Supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs

In Chile, we are working with a local NGO, Fundación Banigualdad, who are creating three training centres to help small businesses in the country’s most deprived areas. Our volunteers advise and guide entrepreneurs to help them develop robust business plans, so they can apply for micro-loans to start or grow their business and help their local economies to thrive.

In the UK, we have partnered with the Prince’s Trust to offer practical and financial support to unemployed 18-30 year olds, through the Trust’s Enterprise Programme. Experian employees volunteer to deliver workshops on marketing, accounting or IT-related topics, or become business or progression mentors. We also provide expertise and mini-seminars around credit checks and scoring, to improve the young people’s knowledge and understanding. This initiative has led to the creation of 57 new businesses in the East Midlands and London.

Tania Garrett

Tania Garrett
HR director, EMEA

A leader’s perspective

“Playing an active part in the communities where we live and work is a fundamental part of our culture. As I look around the business and see the many projects we undertake in each of our countries – whether promoting financial education among young people or providing support and help to the less fortunate – the commitment and enthusiasm of our employees is relentless.

“I’m delighted that our investment in local communities continues to grow each year. This not only is important for our communities but also helps our employees feel more engaged with and committed to Experian. In many cases, we are also able to improve relationships with local consumers and enhance the reputation of our business.

“It is clear to me that the prosperity of our business sits right alongside the wellbeing of the communities around us, and both are bettered by our employees, ongoing commitment to them.”


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